Thursday, July 23, 2009

Python Bootcamp

Next week I will be attending the Open Technology Group Python Bootcamp. Training will consist of 5 days and is tailored for programmers with experience in other languages and want to learn the fundamentals of Python. I have been playing with Python for several months but had no real project in mind so I would read a Python article or book after work, try out some of the examples and then lose track due to responsibilities at work. I wanted the opportunity to immerse myself into the fundamentals without interruptions and have it my main focus for the week. Also I have found in the past when I have attended developer training sessions, the real learning came from the tips and tricks from the instructor or the discussions that started from students' questions.

If I have time I will post some thoughts next week on how the classes progress but otherwise I will give a full account when I return on 1 August.

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