Friday, July 17, 2009

Adding to the Brain Trust

I recently joined the Tampa Bay Microcontrollers and Robotics group to share ideas in using the Arduino (and other) microcontrollers. The group was only started recently but already we have had a lively discussion on high brightness LED circuits and members have volunteered to combine orders to some of the stores that sell microcontroller accessories, sensors and components. We didn't even have to email our order in, a google doc spreadsheet was created for either vendor and we filled in the part number description, quantity, price. When the order was placed and it wa time to pay, we did it using PayPal.

During our next meeting we will all share our current projects, talking up the high points and asking for help on any problem areas. There are lots of local groups out there when it comes to microcontrollers and especially robotitics. I recommend getting involved and sharing ideas. We even have an additional group to explore the idea of creating a new programming language and compiler for the Arduino.

While I wouldn't trade my electronic access to discussions, information and searching for anything it is nice to sit down and engage in face-to-face discussion while having a nice breakfast (we meet at a local restaurant that has a group room with wireless access).

It's easy to do. Here is a link for Meetup, a way to find groups you might be interested in or to start a group that doesn't currently exist and ask for interested people to join.

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